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Splish Splash.

I’m so lucky to be living at the beach now and I love walking along the shore with my spaniel Marlo. We walk along the reserve and out onto the oyster-covered rocks where we can gather some fresh seafood for dinner. The beauty of our shoreline relaxes me, encourages me and kind of defines who I am now. All my life I have searched for that quiet place. I’ve always been flat out busy with raising kids, working and being involved in a thousand other things too. I am now tired of balancing 500 things on my plate and as I slowly alter my life I am finding a little more time to reflect, relax and enjoy my surroundings. The energy and peace I gain on the shore is reviving.

The pleasures too when the grandchildren come to stay are too numerous to count. But here are some of the fun things we do with the littles.
First we check the tide. I like taking the grandies out when the tide is out best. We gotta put on our gumboots so we can splish and splosh in the sand and water. The gumboots also protect our feet from the sharp oyster shells on the rocks. Wandering around the shoreline, we discover all sorts of interesting specimens- shells, crab legs and bodies, feathers, toi-toi, driftwood, rocks, seaweed and even some rubbish. We put any rubbish we find in a bag and talk about keeping our beach clean and tidy.

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Book of the Month. July 2016

I want to share this awesome book with you. I use it with all ages from babies to 6 year olds. The rhyming language and the colourful graphics in the book make it a fun, interesting, interactive and musical adventure. There is a copy of the song for musical parents/grandparents/caregivers to play on the piano, guitar or even the ukulele if you know how. In fact the melody can be played on any instrument if you like. Then, what makes this even better is the CD of the song that is also included at the back of the book. You can pop that into your laptop or CD player and sing along as you read the book together. Buy the book here

The words in the book encourage actions with your child too…

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Mango Music 8 week Online Music Teaching Programme

for Mums who want to spend quality music fun time with their babies and children at home.

Spending time with your child is the very best thing to do. Spending time playing and singing and exploring music is the second best thing you can do.
Sitting at a piano and allowing them to play with the keys, hear the sounds, vocalise their pleasure and hear you sing and play too is a real treat. Their brains are making sense of their surroundings and as they hear music more sections of their brain are stimulated into action. Free Musical play and lots of language between mum and bub helps to develop their language skills, their listening skills and their co-ordination skills to name just a few essential life skills to help them make their way successfully in the world.

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Getting Organised for Crafts.

Crafts are a great way to spend time with our children and I want to give you a few ideas on getting organised for the crafts we will be doing at Heather Mary Music. The process of creating something together will also help to build your child’s self-esteem as well as co-ordination and the opportunity to talk together as you create something is invaluable.
Organisation is the key to being ready and able to do the crafts with your kids. I’m a fairly organised person and my family have often said that I’m a bit of a hoarder…but don’t think of me like the hoarders you see on those ghastly TV programmes who live in mountains of mess. I like to have things labelled and in places that are easily accessible. I keep boxes of ‘interesting & crafty’ things in my spare cupboard in my office now, ready to get out when my grandchildren come to stay or when I am taking classes. When my children were young we had a ‘family room’ with good shelving and our craft things were kept in boxes and tins in there.

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